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Plant health care requires a personalized, comprehensive approach that considers everything from regional pests and diseases to local soil conditions and the overall profile of your landscape.

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Working with a local professional tree company provides a personalized and comprehensive approach to tree health care that considers regional pests and diseases, local weather and climate impacts, and the overall condition of your landscape.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

As part of our Plant Health Care (PHC) Program, the IPM program consists of onsite visits made by a certified and licensed IPM specialist who is trained in the identification and treatment of pests, diseases and cultural conditions of landscape trees and shrubs. Our specialists are always prepared, will take corrective action and will keep you informed. In each of your regular monitoring sessions (bimonthly or monthly throughout the growing season), your program will inspect the main landscape plantings and other areas as agreed.

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Tree Pest & Disease Management

We offer complete evaluation of trees and shrubs and tailor treatment plans to prevent or minimize susceptibility to diseases and pests while promoting healthy development.

Insect & Disease Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Diagnosis- Plants are susceptible to diseases, pests, and other environmental stresses which negatively impact their health, beauty, and performance. Our arborists receive thorough training in disease and pest identification and can recommend treatment options to help save your trees and shrubs.
  • Treatment- Sometimes your plants need an extra boost to help them thrive. We treat a long list of diseases and pests using organic materials and horticultural oils as well as proven, industry-standard solutions.
Tree Fertilization


Proper soil conditions are critical for the health and well-being of all plants.

Our full range of plant health services includes testing soil samples and analyzing soil conditions. Once we receive and review the results of soil analysis, we will pass this information to you along with our recommendations for any current and future health care needs of your individual plants. Our recommendations and applications are based upon scientifically-proven solutions to amend the soil for optimum plant performance.

Methods used for fertilizing are:

  • Liquid suspension soil injection
  • Granular broadcasting
  • Trunk injection
  • Drench
  • Foliar spray
Soil Care Vertical Mulching

Soil Care & Testing

Testing may reveal potential inadequacies that the eye cannot see.

To ensure that your plants are healthy and receiving the proper nourishment, have the soil and plant tissue tested. We provide:

  • Soil nutrition and pH analysis
  • Plant tissue nutrition analysis
  • Recommendations for amendments to promote health and vigor

Our recommendations and applications are based upon scientifically-proven solutions to amend the soil for optimum plant performance. You will receive a comprehensive report that includes the test results, a detailed analysis, and our recommendations as they apply to your individual plant needs.

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Root Care & Management

Often trees are planted incorrectly, frequently too deep or with excessive mulch piled against the trunk. This can lead to girdling roots, poor growth, pest problems, health decline, or even tree death.

We understand each property is unique and requires different solutions to correct soil problems. Below are a few services we do to help get to the root of your tree's problem:

  • Root Crown Excavation: Root excavation is a process of removing dirt to inspect the base of a tree and its root flair development and finding imperfections.
  • Root Aeration: Root aeration promotes root growth and development for declining trees.
  • Root Pruning: Pruning the roots of trees and shrubs can have many benefits such as to ensure proper root growth, intentionally stunting the size of a plant, preventing damage to structures and damage during construction.



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