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Our consultants are skilled, educated, and experienced in the assessment of tree damage and offering creative solutions if you choose to save a damaged tree.

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When you enlist the assistance of our consultants, you will have someone skilled, educated, and experienced in the assessment of your green space.

With the ISA Certification, we have a deeper knowledge of the art and science of tree care for diagnosing and treating your trees.

We approach every situation uniquely and provide solutions based on our expertise in a tree’s survival requirements to help us determine the wisest action to be taken.

Tree Preservation & Evaluations During Construction

Too often trees are overlooked during and after construction projects, which can lead to a sick tree or some cases, removal. 

Our team of experts offers historic tree assessments, hazardous tree evaluations, and tree protection consulting during construction development.

Tree Inventory & Site Mapping

Streamline tree inventory management and site mapping to make better business decisions with your urban forestry resources.

Tree inventory data allows urban foresters to track each tree and document its health, maintenance needs, potential safety risks, and more. This information can be used to help prioritize, analyze, execute, and justify future urban forestry projects.

Our professional urban foresters can help measure the state of your urban forest.

Arborist Inspection

Historic Tree Preservation & Appraisals

Trees can be valuable assets to any property. If you have historic or rare trees in your landscape, have their worth evaluated by our tree care professionals. In addition to a write-up on the value of your tree(s), we can provide a thorough assessment of its health complete with recommendations for proper care.

Assessment Of Historic Trees Includes:
  • Structural integrity – trunk and root anchorage, support, pruning and removal, and overall health
  • Soil pH and nutrients
  • Disease and insect infestation
  • Asset value
  • Recommendations for treatments to improve overall health and increase longevity

Hazardous Tree Evaluation

Trees serve as valuable assets to any landscape, but can be significant liabilities. Any type of tree can become a threat when injured by weather, insects, diseases, human interference, and natural causes like poor growth. As a safety precaution, have your trees evaluated for their risk and health levels. They may simply need pruning or disease treatment to improve their health, or they may need to be removed. Regardless of their needs, the sooner you know of your trees' conditions, the sooner you can act to protect you and your property.

We have Certified Arborists on staff who can read your trees and determine the safest solutions to protect you.

What Is A Tree Protection Zone (2)

Construction Damage Prevention

Trees, and potentially property value, can suffer if not adequately protected during construction.

Certain measures are necessary before, during, and after any construction or development around a tree to ensure that the tree and its root system remain healthy and unharmed, and are allowed proper conditions for growth. A tree not protected during construction may weaken, become a hazard, and even die over time due to root damage or rot, creating a significant hazard to your property.

We assess all potential dangers threatening trees in a construction zone, establish a tree’s root protection zone, and provide recommendations for proper maintenance of the tree before, during, and after the construction process.

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Tree Inventory & Site Mapping

We provide comprehensive ID tagging, as simple or as descriptive as you prefer, an inventory of all the trees around your landscape, and a detailed site mapping of these trees in order to increase efficiency of property management.

Tree Inspection

Certifications & Licenses

Our team of professionals achieve licenses and certifications that are rare in the industry. We are extremely proud of our employees’ commitment to providing the best possible care for your trees, lawn, and plants.

  • ISA Certified Arborist®
  • ISA TRAQ Qualified
  • Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals (CTSP)
  • National Association of Landscape Professionals

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