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Safety Training

Our high standards of safety mean that you can rely on our crews to work safely and treat your property with respect.


Our Company Safety Program requires all crew members to:

  • receive safety training from a TCIA Certified Tree Safety Professional
  • receive First Aid/CPR and Aerial Rescue training and VDOT Vehicle Flagger Certification
  • adhere to company and industry safety standards
  • adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulations and American National Safety Institute (ANSI) standards
  • adhere to VA Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences

  • attend annual and bi-monthly company safety meetings
  • pass knowledge and comprehension tests of safety policies and practices.




Operating Motor Vehicles

You expect our services to make an impact, not our driving, which is why we emphasize safe and proper operation of our vehicles both on the road and on your property.


We require all crew members in driving positions to:

  • possess a valid motor vehicle driver’s license
  • maintain an acceptable driving record prior to starting work and as a contingency of employment in the driver position with our company
  • obtain a CDL as applicable per driving position
  • comply with local, state and federal rules and regulations including maintaining driver qualifications and operating safely and legally.




Drug Use

We take seriously our obligation of providing professional services and a safe working environment for you, your fellow community members, and for our team. Our strict Drug-Free Workplace Program requires that all employees be subject to drug testing. Drug testing can include pre-employment, random, post-accident, and follow-up testing.



Tree care is one of the most dangerous occupations. Each member of our crew receives thorough training on the importance and proper use of safety gear. When in a work zone, they are required to use personal protective equipment for their head, eyes, and ears and wear appropriate gear such as gloves, chaps, and harnesses as necessary.


You can expect our crews to arrive prepared with their safety gear and follow industry safety standards at all times so that they can safely and successfully provide the care your landscape needs.



To ensure that your job is completed successfully, your property unharmed, and our crews come home sound, we make sure our equipment is safe to use and operate. Our strictly enforced Company Safety Program requires that all equipment receive regular inspections and testing, pass thorough operating checklists, and be secured with the use of the key removal/tagout procedures.

These pictures show some of the modern equipment we use.














Policies, Gear, Equipment

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