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Carol Cate, Rochelle

"Unbelievable job! Beautiful pruning…Very professional."

Bill Guerrant, Charlottesville

"We have relied on Arboristry Associates, Inc. for all our tree work, including spraying & pruning fruit trees, for over twenty years. When the derecho did extensive damage to our property in June 2012, Mike was here before 7 a.m. to assess the damage and his crews soon followed. The work and clearing was done in stages to our complete satisfaction. Last week AAI took care of another project for us and their workmen are honest, reliable, and professional. These are all reasons I have always recommended AAI to friends and will continue to do so."

Barbara Peeks, Whippoorwill

"I appreciate the Arboristry staff being so respectful of our property. We have spent considerable time landscaping, most recently having planted a large bed of pachysandra adjacent to where Sebastian and Bryan took down two large oak trees. Although I feared that we might lose some of our groundcover, the pachysandra bed looks just as good as it did before the trees came down. In fact, none of the nearby shrubs show any sign of disturbance. We've never had tree people respect our existing landscaping so much. These young men are top-notch and did a wonderful job!"

Mike & Amanda Smith, Charlottesville

"We are very pleased with the tree work that Arboristry did for us. They were careful to minimize the impact of the heavy equipment on our lawn, they completed the work as promised, they cleared away all debris, and "left no trace" when they left. If you are looking for competent, professional, courteous services, I highly recommend them."

Deborah Turel, Lovingston

"So it's well worth the price you quoted--for the mulch, the complete clean up, and the peace of mind about safety for the workers. I know enough to observe--when trucks drive in and the trucks are clean, tidy--and plenty of plywood boards (to not tear up my grass)--the whole operation is professional. Thank you."

 Sheila Vinson, Radiant, VA

"I can not thank you enough for helping us get our little piece of heaven in order. We knew when we first bought the place that we want to take care of the trees her properly but would need help from people who knew trees, not just how to cut them.

When I first met with Jason to go over what we wanted, I knew we had found the right people. He amazed me with his knowledge of all things green and his respect for what we wanted..."

Mike, Dunlora

"We are very pleased with the tree work that Arboristry did for us. They were careful to minimize the impact of the equipment on our lawn, they completed the work as promised, they cleared away all debris and they “left no trace” when they left. If you are looking for competent, professional and courteous services, I recommend them highly."

Carrie, Fontana

"I would recommend, without reservation, Mike and his team at Arboristry Associates. From the assessment to the office follow-up and then to the work itself, Arboristry Associates exceeded my expectations! The work was done as promised, and the young man who did the work was knowledgable. When the crew was finished and cleaned up, everything looked great - as if they were never here. My trees and shrubs are healthier and happier as a result of their exceedingly competent work."

Foxie Morgan, Pharsalia Plantation - Tyro, VA

"We are proud of our unusual trees at Pharsalia and we take good care of them. This is a long leaf pine, about 30 years old. It's native to areas south of us and unusual in our "northern" gardens. This is the last survivor of four that we had. Arboristry Associates is using an air spade to relieve soil compaction and to feed the tree roots. Thanks to Arboristry Associates for the good work."

Laurie, Charlottesville

"My entire Dogwood tree was pruned so beautifully. It was so artfully done, I took pictures. The crew could not have been more professional. Two thumbs up!"

Mrs. Ruth Rollins

"[Your technician] was terrific. He worked tirelessly on the boxwoods and they have never looked better. He was very professional, but at the same time, friendly and helpful. I think he has the magic touch with shrubs.Thanks for sending him."

Mrs. Carol Cate

"Unbelievable job! Do beautiful pruning. Very impressed with the follow-up call. Considered it very professional."

Mrs. Susan Capell

"This is to tell you how very satisfied and pleased I am with the work done at my home. Troy and his crew did an excellent job and cleaned up extremely well at the end of the job. Troy took the time to fully and completely answer all my questions. Thank you for an excellent job."

The Cat Whisperer  

Nancy Campbell

"Last week our 12 year old calico tabby, Precious, did not come in when we called her to secure her for the night... The next morning she was yowling loudly, trapped 30 feet up in a tree in the woods behind our house. She was wedged in the fork of a tree, seemingly unable to move.

We realized the fire department was not a possibility because the truck couldn't get down into the woods. Arboristry had done some work for us last year, so I called to see if they did cat rescues and I was so pleased to discover that they would send someone right out.

A young man arrived, with no ladder, only climbing gear.He fastened our cat carrier to one of his ropes and hoisted himself up the tree, speaking quietly to a very frightened feline... He was patient, kind, and soft spoken. Precious trusted him and allowed him to put her in the cat carrier... I chatted with him as he secured his ropes and gear and discovered he was Mike's youngest son, Jacob.

Thanks so much. I don't know how she would have gotten down without Jacob's help. I know this is not your regular service, but we were so grateful for it!"

Learn more about our Animal Rescue services.

Nora & Charlie Harris 

"You did another fabulous presentation - the class loved it. Here are some of their comments:

  • Terrific in answering questions - a natural teacher.
  • Great presentation and the demonstration made it so much more meaningful.
  • Excellent class.
  • Very helpful, especially learning the 'why' behind the pruning cuts.

Thanks again for a great presentation. Always fun to see someone do what they love. Love your enthusiasm."


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