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Our roots took place back in 1993, with a simple American dream provided by Mike Neal and made possible with his supportive wife and three sons. Equipped with an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Landscape Maintenance and Ornamental Horticulture and experience in community college grounds management, sales, and management in a national tree care company, Mike was ready to launch into entrepreneurship. Helping in this endeavor was his wife, Ellen, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fruit Science Pest Management and has experience in wholesale and retail sales, lobbying, and non-profit startup and management. They invested the sale proceeds of the 1876 Victorian house they’d been restoring for seven years, purchasing several pieces of used equipment and a plot of undeveloped land in Nelson County.






With their three young sons, they lived in a 24 foot travel trailer for 10 months, camping first at a park and then on their Nelson plot with an out-house and no electricity. From there they built a barn to house the maintenance shop and office, moved into a mobile home (with electricity and water), and began building the business.





Our company was founded on 3 main goals:

  • To provide Central Virginia with a full service tree and specialty grounds care company that valued quality work based on scientific knowledge of plant physiology, minimal environmental impact, and safe and efficient work practices.
  • To create an exceptional customer experience of personable service designed to meet their unique landscape needs.
  • To encourage employee personal and professional growth while honoring family values.


We quickly met those goals and continue to pursue exceeding them. We have gained local and national recognition as professional, progressive, conscientious, and dedicated to personal customer service. Arboristry Associates®, Inc. was 3rd in Virginia and 35th nationally to receive Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accreditation.

In November 2022, Arboristry Associates was acquired by The Davey Tree Expert Company. Our clients now have access to Davey’s leading diagnostic laboratory, the Davey Institute, which will help provide science-based care and research for our their property care needs.


The mission of Arboristry® Associates, Inc. is to provide outstanding quality, environmentally-friendly tree and grounds care services in Central Virginia tailored to each client’s unique landscape needs, and in the process enable each employee to grow and develop their knowledge, income, and self-fulfillment.


In doing so, we...

1. Hold safety as the number one priority in providing our services.

2. Work as a team with pride, confidence, and enthusiasm.

3. Treat each other, our customers, and the general public with the utmost respect, fairness, and professionalism.

4. Provide each employee with the opportunity for continual personal and professional growth including training, certifications, and education in addition to providing wages and benefits that exceed the local landscape industry average.

5. Provide quality services in a professional manner for an appropriate cost to the client.

6. Provide only sound, scientifically-proven recommendations and services and use business practices that follow ANSI, OSHA, Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services in Pesticide Application, VDOT, and other local, state, and federal regulatory requirements.

7. Uphold the Codes of Ethics as per our certifications and memberships in International Society of Arboriculture, Tree Care Industry Association, Professional Landcare Network.




As a result of company wide strategic planning, our team of associates developed a vision setting the path forward. The Arboristry Associates, Inc. team’s vision is to be recognized as:


The premium tree and grounds maintenance service company in Central Virginia, a company that :

    • is most knowledgeable,
    • provides the best value,
    • employs the best team of associates,
    • treats all with respect and appreciation,
    • uses sound and progressive business and green industry practices,
    • earns the most trust and
    • works with enjoyment and pride.

Sacred Principles

We commit to these principles to guide our decisions and behaviors.


We will meet our responsibilities consistently, completely, ethically, timely, and with highest qualities. We will honor all our commitments acting as we have said we will with honesty, clarity, truthfulness, ethics, confidence, trustworthiness and integrity.


We will act in a professional manner at all times. In doing so, we will present ourselves in a clean, crisp uniform and appearance, and in a courteous, organized, and prepared way; we will maintain and grow our horticulture knowledge base; we will present accurate and valuable information and perform accurate and valuable services for our clients so as to educate and provide them with safe and sound horticulture and business practices.


We will be self-motivated and driven to always produce quality work. In doing so, we will not only work hard, but also smart, be willing to go beyond expectations, and seek to grow ourselves professionally and personally.


We will treat all other with respect. Following the Golden Rule, we will be sensitive in each situation to personal differences and needs, show appreciation, be mindful of boundaries, communicate openly and actively, and be good stewards of clients, co-workers, equipment, and property.


We will work as a team, being knowledgeable and respectful of the roles and responsibilities, and skills and abilities of our teammates. In doing so, we will look out for each others needs, health and safety. In our effort to achieve our common goals we will know the intended results and discover the steps to take to get there, communicate clearly and openly to share that knowledge and be willing to help each other without being asked.

To enhance the ability of the team, we will encourage and hold each other accountable for our sacred principles (integrity, work ethic, respect, professionalism, teamwork and fun).


Using the sacred principles, we will productively and safely work together to solve problems, efficiently complete our work, exceed our goals, and please and impress our clients. Individually, we will embrace new challenges, learn, grow, and earn more responsibility. Together we will respect, value and appreciate each other’s contributions and celebrate our successes with praise, rewards and benefits. We will take care of ourselves while working to take the company to the next level. These are some of the keys to enjoying each other and to finding fun and fulfillment in our work, our workplace and in our personal lives.

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