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As tree care specialists, we have the expertise and proper equipment necessary for taking down trees - without harming your property.

Tree Removal

Dead, dying, and weak trees are a threat to your property and should be considered for immediate removal. Don't risk your safety by keeping around such hazardous trees. Even healthy looking trees can be a significant risk due to leaning, internal/structural damage and weakness, and cracking. If you are unsure whether or not your trees are healthy, contact us so we can schedule a time to evaluate what risks you have around your landscape. Sometimes trees grow in undesirable areas. We are happy to provide assessments and suggestions of ways you can keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Standard removals

Standard take downs involve the safe felling of a tree into a predetermined area.

Difficult removals

Certain trees may require the use of a crane or technical procedures for the safest removal. See our Crane & Technical Removals service page for more information and pictures.


We can leave a tall stump, low stump, or remove the stump entirely. Please see our Stump Grinding, Removal, & Re-seeding page for more information.



Debris Cleanup

You have options for what to do with the debris that remains after a tree is removed. We are happy to tailor to meet your specific needs and can combine any of our cleanup options. Our list of debris cleanup services includes:

      • Complete removal of all debris including: raking, moving debris offsite, and clearing walkways, driveways, and roofs
      • Stump grinding
      • Log removal
      • Cutting the wood to various lengths for firewood
      • Brush chipping, to leave in piles or remove
      • Moving wood to any desired location
      • Working with existing employees/contractors





Other Options

Questionable trees may not need to be removed at all. For trees that you would like to keep around, we can assist you with the following:

Solutions for weak trees

Some weak trees can be helped with the use of:


One of the most beneficial ways for keeping a tree around the longest and healthiest is correct Pruning & Thinning to remove dead/dying/diseased branches, reduce weight and stress, and improve structural integrity. Pruning also enhances landscape aesthetics.

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