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Structural Support Systems

Improve your tree’s structural integrity with the use of cabling, bracing, or guying.


    • Cabling and bracing installation, which can be used singularly or combined, reduces chances of failure of defective or weak unions, prolonging the existence and decreasing the hazardous risk of damaged and/or weak trees.
    • Guying stabilizes a tree or a new plant and provides an additional security measure.





All cabling, bracing, and guying methods follow the standards provided by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 Part 3.



Cabling consists of installing one or more cables between two or more tree parts per the following methods:

    • Direct – single cable between 2 tree parts
    • Triangular – connecting tree parts in combinations of 3
    • Box – connecting 4 or more tree parts in a closed series
    • Hub and spoke – connecting 3 or more leaders to a center attachment


Bracing consists of installing one or more rods through tree branches or leaders per the following methods:

    • Single – installation of 1 rod
    • Multiple – 2 or more rods installed in directional alignment but not in vertical alignment
    • Crossing – 2 or more rods in a non-aligned pattern


Guying consists of anchoring an established tree or newly planted tree in one or more of the following ways:

    • Tree-to-ground – installing 1 or more cables between the tree and ground
    • Tree-to-tree – installing 1 or more cables between an anchor tree and the tree to be guyed



Structural Support Systems

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