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Clean up your landscape by having unnecessary small trees and shrubs removed.


Our specialty grounds team has the eye and skill necessary to remove unsightly, weak, unnecessary, or just plain unwanted small trees and shrubs, allowing your landscape to thrive.


Enjoy the benefits of small tree and shrub removal including:

    • Less competition for light and soil nutrients needed for the heathy, desirable trees and shrubs
    • Cleaner looking landscape
    • Hazard reduction
    • Fire prevention
    • Increases usability of your property
    • Better access to woods
    • Opportunity to redesign your garden



Our method of removal is careful and precise, with our goal being to limit the impact to the soil and minimize intrusion to your landscape. We do not use bulldozers which can damage landscapes, and we take all necessary precautions to protect the landscape during construction. View our Construction Damage Prevention page to learn more.


Wood Chips

Wood chips are a wonderful, natural way to recycle trees and shrubs and provide organic rejuvination to the remaining plants. In addition to their helpful properties, wood chips can aesthetically vitalize your landscape. Once the trees and shrubs are removed, they can be chipped to provide you with a pile or scattering of wood chips, or we can simply remove them from your property entirely. To learn more about the benefits of using wood chips in your landscape, please read the Master Gardener article, Wood Chip Mulch: Landscape boon or bane?



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