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Drought Monitor

Click on the image below to view the most up-to-date drought conditions for Virginia. Click here for the main drought monitor site for the US.


Virginia Drought Monitor

By monitoring your trees and shrubs, we can provide proactive solutions to treat problems before they arise.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Scout Program
As part of our Plant Health Care (PHC) Program, the IPM Scout program consists of onsite visits made by a certified and licensed IPM Scout who is trained in the identification and treatment of pests, diseases and cultural conditions of landscape trees and shrubs. Our IPM Scouts are always prepared, will take corrective action and will keep you informed.  In each of your regular monitoring sessions (bimonthly or monthly throughout the growing season), your Scout will inspect the main landscape plantings and other areas as agreed.


How does it work?

The following is our 5-step IPM program model:

Decide what and how goals are to be accomplished. We customize to meet your needs by offering a variety of treatment options, including the use of scientifically-proven materials, organic materials, the release of beneficial insects, spot treatments, larger sprays, etc.

Assess your landscape needs, monitoring for pest activity and thresholds.

Determine what preventive and corrective actions to take based on best management practices.

Perform the needed actions for improving the plant’s health using mechanical, cultural, biological and/or if needed, chemical controls. For example, minor pruning to remove fungus-damaged tissue and increase air flow is sometimes more effective than spraying fungicides.

Report back what was found, what was done & make recommendations for further needs.




Because your landscape is unique, your IPM Scout Program is tailored to address your plants' needs.




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