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Drought Monitor

Click on the image below to view the most up-to-date drought conditions for Virginia. Click here for the main drought monitor site for the US.


Virginia Drought Monitor

Be proactive - take down hazardous trees before a storm does.

 When trees become a threat to your safety and your property, take precautionary steps and have the tree removed before a storm brings it or large branches down. Our trained arborists are fully prepared with safety gear and necessary equipment to rid your property of threats.


Unsure if your tree is a threat?

Let us determine that for you. As tree care specialists, we can evaluate your trees for any potential threats and decide what actions are necessary to best protect you. This may require that the tree be taken down, or simply pruned or stabilized.

Learn more about our Hazardous Tree Evaluations service.


Act now to protect your property. Our Storm Damage Prevention & Restoration services can help you.

Tree Removal

When the decision is made to take a tree down, we then determine how to most safely remove it. Read about our different removal techniques at the following links:


Tree Removal & Debris Cleanup


Crane & Technical Removals

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