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Hazardous trees are a threat to your safety and your property - don't wait until it is too late for an evaluation.

Trees serve as valuable assets to any landscape, but can be significant liabilities. Any type of tree can become a threat when injured by weather, insects, diseases, human interference, and natural causes like poor growth. As a safety precaution, have your trees evaluated for their risk and health levels. They may simply need pruning or disease treatment to improve their health, or they may need to be removed. Regardless of their needs, the sooner you know of your trees' conditions, the sooner you can act to protect you and your property.


We have Certified Arborists on staff who can read your trees and determine the safest solutions to protect you.





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Are your trees hazardous? 

If your trees can be described by any of the following, please do not hesitate to have a professional come out to further evaluate them:

    • Broken limbs
    • Cracked trunk
    • Leaning precariously
    • Overextended, heavy branch ends
    • Dead branches or dying/discolored foliage
    • Holes, cavities, other wounds
    • Fungus growing out of or around base of trunk
    • Hit by lightning or other large objects
    • Infestation/disease in wood or on foliage
    • Not protected during nearby construction
    • Large branches overhanging buildings and other structures
    • Imbalance of weight in tree crown
    • Exposed, damaged, and/or rotten roots 
    • Recent soil disturbance
    • Topped crown


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