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  • Root Crown Excavation
  • Root Aeration
  • Root Pruning

Root Crown Excavation

Root excavation is a process of removing dirt to inspect the base of a tree and its root flair development and finding imperfections such as:

    • Girdling roots
    • Poor root spacing for anchorage and nutrient uptake
    • Root rot
    • Trees planted too deep













Root Aeration

Root aeration promotes root growth and development for declining trees. Decompaction of the soil using the Air-Spade method allows roots at varying levels of the soil profile access to oxygen.



Radial trenching, shown in these photos, is one way of getting needed oxygen to roots and relieving soil compaction. This procedure is performed by using an Air-Spade to blow air into the ground, removing the soil and exposing the roots. Trenches are blown out in long rows stretching out from the base of the tree, creating what looks like wheel spokes from above.









Poor Soil Quality

Soil testing may be necessary for evaluating root health. Extra nutrients can be added to the soil to improve soil quality and provide more nutrients for the roots.

Root Pruning

Pruning the roots of trees and shrubs can have many benefits:

    • During pre-transplant preparation to ensure proper root growth
    • Intentionally stunting the size of a plant
    • Preventing damage to natural and man-made structures
    • For Construction Damage Prevention


Whether you need roots pruned for aesthetic or structural purposes,we cautiously prune with concern to the plant's nutrient-intake capabilities and structural integrity. This careful approach minimizes the risk to the tree and to your property.




Take caution:

Excessive mulching or burying trees too deep can increase the development of girdling roots. Have our arborists evaluate your tree and suggest a safe pruning schedule to allow for proper growth.




Girdling Root Management

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