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Trees, and potentially property value, will suffer if not adequately protected during construction.

Certain measures are necessary before, during, and after any construction or development around a tree to ensure that the tree and its root system remain healthy and unharmed, and are allowed proper conditions for growth. A tree not protected during construction may weaken, become a hazard, and even die over time due to root damage or rot, creating a significant hazard to your property.

Symptoms of root damage and rot:

    • Branch ends die back
    • Reduction in twig growth (length at branch ends)
    • Smaller and yellow discoloration of leaves
    • Reduction in shade / more light penetration due to dieing back and decrease in leaf size 
    • Intravenal chlorosis
    • Suckering and watersprout growth 
    • Reduction in root hair development



We assess all potential dangers threatening trees in a construction zone, establish a tree’s root protection zone, and provide recommendations for proper maintenance of the tree before, during, and after the construction process.
















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