Emerald Ash Borer
Agrilus planipennis

Ash trees in Central Virginia are unfortunately at risk to be decimated by an invasive pest.

The Emerald Ash Borer, pictured at right, is "an extremely destructive plant pest and is responsible for the death and decline of over 25 million Ash trees nationwide," said the Virginia Department of Forestry in July 2013.

Officials have located the borer in numerous counties around Virginia, including Rockingham and Madison, acknowledging that “we cannot stop the Emerald Ash Borer from spreading, but we can continue to slow it if all partners… make an effort to do their part.”

These borers WILL kill both healthy and weak Ash trees. Keeping the tree(s) healthy and well maintained helps them survive.  Contact Mike and Jason today  by email or by phone (434-263-4324) to discuss proactive measures to protect your valuable Ash trees from this unfortunate threat.

Arboristry® Associates has 20 years of experience treating trees for dangerous pests. Strategies to protect the health of your Ash trees include:


Facts and information obtained from the Virginia Department of Forestry, Forest Health Review, January 2013 Issue are as quoted.

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