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Arboristry® Supports Local Education

You see us out on the road in our bright blue trucks. Did you know we're out in the area schools, as well? To learn about the educational talks we offer to adult and community classrooms, see our Plant Care and Pruning Demonstrations page.


pvcccomm-mikePiedmont Virginia Community College
Horticulture Curriculum Advisory Committee

On May 17, 2013, President Mike Neal was appointed to the Horticulture Curriculum Advisory Committee of Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Excerpt from President Frank Friedman’s letter to Mike:

“On behalf of the Piedmont Virginia Community College Board and the faculty, staff, and students, I thank you for agreeing to serve within the college’s advisory committee structure.  …  The advisory committees play a vital role in ensuring that workforce programs at PVCC respond to the rapidly changing and increasingly complex needs of the business and industry community and that PVCC continues to be the provider of choice for workforce development programs in the Central Virginia region.”



PVCC logo2The Arboristry® Associates "Integrity" Scholarship

Piedmont VA Community College (PVCC)

Founders Mike and Ellen Neal gifted the Arboristry® Associates "Integrity" Scholarship to Piedmont Virginia Community College in 2011 to honor the education their 3 sons received at PVCC. The college awards the scholarship annually to an exemplary student in the physical and natural science AS degree program.  Students must articulate uncompromising integrity and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Preference is given to students enrolled in the specialization in horticulture.

The first recipient of this scholarship received $2,000 to supplement their expenses for the 2012-2013 year by demonstrating high ethical standards and integrity through answers to essay questions on the PVCC scholarship application.  To apply, contact PVCC's Financial Aid Department.


Student Career Days

At Arboristry® Associates, our product is our people. The value of a company is reflected in the quality of its employees, and we seek to hire only the best and brightest local talent. We are regular participants in local career days and job fairs and use this resource as a way to spread word about aboriculture, horticulture, and the careers in those respective fields. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in arboriculture, please see our Career Opportunities.




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