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For those times when Kitty just won't come down from the tree.


We know you love your pets (as we love ours!) and want them to be safe. While your pet might just come back to you safe and sound, why risk it? Give us a call - we'll be out there in a jiffy with whatever it takes to get your cat out of that tree. Read the story below submitted by one our customers whose cat, Precious, was rescued from a tree by one of our climbers. If you have stories like these, we would love to hear them!

The Cat Whisperer - June 14, 2011

"Last week our 12 year old calico tabby Precious did not come in when we called her to secure her for the night. She is an indoor cat, who reluctantly goes out during nice weather. The next morning she was yowling loudly, trapped 30 feet up in a tree in the woods behind our house. She was wedged in the fork of a tree, seemingly unable to move. We realized the fire department was not a possibility because the truck couldn't get down into the woods. Arboristry had done some work for us last year, so I called to see if they did cat rescues and I was so pleased to discover that they would send someone right out. A young man arrived, with no ladder, only climbing gear. He fastened our cat carrier to one of his ropes and hoisted himself up the tree, speaking quietly to a very frightened feline. She moved up the branch away from him, and he followed. He was patient, kind, and soft spoken. Precious trusted him and allowed him to put her in the cat carrier. He lowered her down and came down himself. I chatted with him as he secured his ropes and gear,  and discovered he was Mike's youngest son Jacob. He said he did a cat rescue about every 2-3 months. Thanks so much. I don't know how she would have gotten down without Jacob's help. I know this is not your regular service, but we were so grateful for it!"

- Nancy Campbell

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